Come out to where the sun is bright, the air is clear,
the water is warm and your worries aren’t near.


The North Shuswap truly is an unparalleled paradise. Mild winters, warm/hot summers, long autumns and short winters make for a perfect BC lifestyle. Rainy periods last hours, not days or weeks and then the sun is out again.

A long growing season means that gardeners are some of the happiest people around here. We have vineyards (most northerly in the province) and nectarines, peaches and parsnips. Local farms produce excellent beef and lamb.

Everything faces the lake and it is our main preoccupation. The cares of the world drift by, maybe overhead in a jet trail, maybe along the Trans-Canada Highway on the other side of the lake. But they don’t make their presence felt here.

Community groups are active. The Lions help out the PAC, who support the Health Centre Society, who aid the Chamber, who… Well you get the idea.
Coffee houses at the community center bring together the community for evenings of local entertainment and good times.

You can read this and think, hmm…   But the only way to know for sure, is to visit us.

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