Adams River Salmon Run

We are the Home of the World Famous Sockeye Salmon Run

salmonDuring October, the quiet banks of the Adams River, 405km inland from the Pacific Ocean, become the scene of a natural miracle.

The spectacular pageant of the Sockeye Salmons’ journey upstream draws hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Tsutswecw Provincial Park, to watch and marvel from quiet riverside trails.

In the colourful days of fall, the quiet waters of the 12km river turn turbulent and crimson as over two million Sockeye Salmon pour into their home waters to spawn and die. The fish are completing a journey that takes them far out into the Pacific, then back upstream against swift currents and rapids – traveling over 4,000 km in their lifetime, all the way up to Alaska and the Aleutian Islands and back again. Biologists, naturalists, and fishery crews gather to observe, count, and harvest the salmon, studying their numbers and health.

The Adams River is one of the most important Sockeye Salmon breeding areas in North America – important not only to local ecology, but to the history and culture of the Shuswap. Salmon have helped to sustain the Secwepemc people for thousands of years.

Sockeye Salmon return to the Adams River annually and Park Interpreters are often in attendance. Every fourth year – what is known as a dominant year – the migration peaks, and the river welcomes millions of fish home to spawn. 2018 is a dominant year, and the Adams River Salmon Society will host their Salute to the Sockeye celebration from in October.

More information can be found at Shuswap Tourism’s Adams River Salmon Run page.

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